How does FilingBox completely prevent ransomware?

“It’s similar to storing files on the CD-ROM.” – John Woo

FilingBox is a kind of file server which provides a network drive to PCs and Servers. One thing that’s different, however, compared to existing file servers, is FilingBox does not trust PCs and Servers after providing network drives. It assumes that PCs and servers are already compromised by ransomware. So, whenever file requests come into FilingBox, FilingBox decides whether to provide a file with a read-only attribute or read-write attribute to PCs and servers by itself.

Because of that, files on network drives are not deleted by typing the ‘del’ command in the DOS prompt or infected by any ransomware. So, it’s similar to how CD-ROM writers create and read files using the create-read-only mode. FilingBox also provides a network drive to PCs with a create-read-only mode. Under this mode, it only allows applications on PCs to create a new file and read a file with a read-only file attribute. 랜섬웨어는 PC에서 실행되지만, 해당 네트워크 드라이브의 데이터를 암호화하지는 못합니다. 이는 파일 수정(또는 암호화)을 제외하고 모든 응용 프로그램이 파일을 만들고 읽을 수 있도록 허용하기 때문입니다.

이 규칙의 한 가지 예외는 윈도우 탐색기 입니다. FilingBox allows Windows File Explorer to modify and delete files. 따라서 사용자는 평소와 같이 윈도우 파일 탐색기를 사용하여 네트워크 드라이브에서 데이터를 생성, 읽기, 수정 및 삭제할 수 있습니다.

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