FilingBox TEAM

Fundamental Ransomware Prevention File Storage For Teams and Professionals


Secure Network Storage
For File Protection

FilingBox Team is the secure file storage to protect files in a small team from ransomware and data breach malware. By default, it provides a file with a read-only attribute to any application except for Windows Explorer, and also it provides fake files instead of real files to any application if a team manager enables the option of phishing prevention to the drive.

Easy Usage For File Protection

FilingBox Team is specifically designed for teams and professionals who do not have a systems engineer. By installing the Team client on your PC, you do not need to set a separate network configuration, and the network drive is mounted automatically if the FIlingBox Team is in the same network with PCs.


Introducing FilingBox TEAM

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What do our clients think?

As a manager of a human resources department, I had to open CV files cautiously attached to an email. After adopting FilingBox TEAM, I’m not worried about compromising existing data.

Mr. Lee
HR Manager

It’s a fantastic secure storage device for our team. I was always afraid to open emails, as I feared ransomware attacks, even from my clients. Now, I feel free to open and share email attachments and documentation with our team and clients.

Kyungdon Kang
Patent Attorney

After saving our source code and documents on FilingBox TEAM, my team and I could be able to have more productivity and confidence due to the high security that FilingBox TEAM provides. I think it’s a must-have storage device for developers and designers.

S/W Programmer

Looking to secure your company data?

Is your company looking for a cloud service?

Good news, you can use FilingBox as a cloud service. View FilingBox Cloud for more information. Especially if you are in Germany and California, you can try it for free by 2022 with supporting of NCP(Naver Cloud Platform). 

Do you want to be a reseller of FilingBox SMB and Team appliance?

We are preparing FilingBox SMB and Team as an appliance. Please check out how to be the FilingBox reseller here. Also, you can place an order for a sample device of FilingBox SMB and Team here.

Does your company use Linux Servers?

Please wait 2 months. FilingBox Mega version 2 is now under the international CC(common criteria) test. It will be available in 2023. You can protect data on Linux and Windows servers with FilingBox Mega. 

Want To Be
A TEAM Retail Partner?

We are looking for FilingBox TEAM retail partners who can support customer service in their country. Please check our partner program. If you want to buy a sample device to be a retail partner, click the BUY SAMPLE DEVICE button below.