Secure Cloud Document Management Storage

Protect and manage your data with secure ransomware-proof storage.

Ransomware-Proof Storage

FilingBox supports Create-Read-Only file system to protect your documents from ransomware. 

It only allows an applications to create and read data, except modifying and deleting.

Similarly to how files are created on a CD-ROM, files can not be edited on FilingBox. 

Hybrid WORM Disk

FilingBox always allows any application to create a new file.  But after creation, it provides a file with a read-only attribute to any application accessing a file like WORM(Write Once Read Many) disk. 

In case of a user wants to edit it, a user can open a file with a read-write attribute by clicking the right button on a mouse in Windows Explorer. A user can edit or delete it, but application or malware can’t.

Automatic Backup Storage

FilingBox protects your data on your network drive and also on your desktop. 

If you save a file on your desktop it will be automatically transferred to FilingBox using the auto-backup feature. 

Team & Personal Folder Access Management

FilingBox provides a personal folder and team folder. You can store your files in the personal folder or team folder. 

The Team folder is created following the organizational chart of your company and is designed for document sharing within the team.  

In case you need to share the folder with other users in the another team, you can make a shared folder for them. 

Taxonomy Folder

Once the Taxonomy folder policy is enabled, you can not make or move a folder, in the first or second depth, in the team folder. 

Only users that have manager privilege can create, move and delete folders.  

It prevents the taxonomy structure of folders getting to messy like a conventional file server. 

Lock-In/Out & Version Control

FilingBox works as a network drive but supports Lock-In,  Lock-Out and version control. 

Whenever you open a file with edit mode, the file is opened with a read-write file attribute, after making a new version of the file.

We are looking for enterprise solution partners and cloud solution partners in the US and the EU.​

FilingBox Enterprise is the ransomware-proof network storage software for a large organization. We are looking for enterprise solution partners and cloud solution partner in the US and the EU.  If you are an MSP or MSSP, check our partner program.

All visitors, who show the visitor’s badge at our booth, will get the free annual FilingBox MEGA license after the RSA and FIC 2020.